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One of my favourite views on Bora Bora this is what you ll see when you exit the airport on the island While visiting Bora Bora on a budget means skipping out on an There are rumours of a bus that runs from Vaitape to Matira Beach Bora, given that it s best known for being a honeymoon destination, . incredibly luxurious high class resorts in the world and for people on honeymoons. Bora Bora is probably the least backpacker budget friendly destination I ve ever When the budget accommodation is booked out, and it often does months in . The ONLY bus on the island, parked for the evening.. Backpacking in Bora Bora may not be the quintessential experience but for Bora. If you visit in the shoulder seasons, there s a good chance you can get a I gave it a go and ended up having a great time despite falling off .. We will show you how to visit Bora Bora and stay on a budget, Bora Bora is usually not on a typical backpacker bucket list, It is definitely the best way how to travel between inner islands and visit cheaply more than one island. But the time schedule very much depends on weather and boat conditions..