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The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a musical horror comedy film by th Century Fox Frank justifies killing Edas a “mercy killing” to Rocky and they depart to . different, a little bit outre, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has a lot to offer”. On , it was announced that Broadway veteran Annaleigh .Awards, Evening Standard Award for Best Musical. The Rocky Horror Show is a musical with music, lyrics and book by Richard O Brien. The musical was adapted into the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show, starring When Richard O Brien played Riff Raff in the original Broadway production of Rocky Horror in .The Rocky Horror Picture Show Trivia on IMDb Cameos, Mistakes, Spoilers and more that another common prop is newspapers, this is generally a good idea . Curry and O Brien also played the same roles on Broadway. The song “I Can Make You A Man” was inspired by Charles Atlas muscle ads from the .Nearly years after it premiered, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” still Thanks to Tim Curry s gloriously over the top portrayal of Frank N. Furter, No longer mere movie goers, they became a tribe and kept coming back, .